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Kay Altamira's Portfolio

a poem

I was the poet of the blind

Pleasure of the unkind

Trashed: as paper white

I was singer of the death

Woman of a kind

I was there


the wild

As the wind blew away,

the many things once were, 

are gone for a little while

I used to mop these floors: with hours,

and live my own time

Why should I have cared?

No more questions

queuing to be asked

I just couldn’t hide,




I was also there:

in every face I masked

But now I am, still I am

The poet of the blind, standing on the sand

Dancing with the dunes

Playing with my moon

Singing echoes to the divine

A poet on the sand. Arising from the wasteland!

And just because,

I have come from the deepest of waters!

My heart is all it matters

At the end of all times

There will be no dust, just wind

A mad devious wind, shimmering till dusk

Everything will be blind!

Do we need one wish?

One dime?

All we need is to trust

The lust is lost at last


come on and find me!

Here I pulse

Here I bleed

I am sweat!

I am tears!

I am laughter!

This is, me

Me, I am

All of me!

<< Me >>

My senses are portal

Unknown to all fears

I can feel the power of my soul, immortal

My soul kissing,

my soul merging these words to the world!

So there and…


Here I also dare!

I still, don’t care!

Here I go!

I go with the beauty!

I go with the beast!

I stand on the sand

I stand on my feet




<< You >>

Look into my eyes,

my black golden eyes,

and gaze this liquid earthy fire, passion, love and combustion

With this cry I’m telling you,

all it takes is to try,

The world is my song

And this soul, mi amor

This soul never dries

And just because…

I have come from the bluest of waters!

With bright notes and glittery!

Sparkling in music, I am floating in the salty clouds

Ears could be deaf

What I had lost in sound

I have found in myself

So (…)

I hold my breath underneath these waters, caressing my fragility

Then I sink(sick) (feels) my head, into the tranquil oceans

I keep holding my breath to forget my gravity, and don’t

I am holding my breath just because I have it!

I am alive and I am not surrendering!

<< She >>

She is in c o n t r o l

Painting waves,

here she goes

No bridge. No water

The rain? Is laughter

She comes back soaked

in sticky honey

This girl in my skin is smiling-burning like, money

I have come.

– Could this be the truth, the one and only truth chanting behind the universal silence? –

(Nothing) knows

Nothing. Knows

And just because,

let me tell you that,

I have come from the highest of waters

At the end of all times

This girl wont be burning

I shall evaporate

Towards the sun

And, the end?

The end will see this silly smile of mine :)

I have come

from all of, the waters.

As deep

As high

As blue

As heavy

As fluid

As a woman

Of a kind.

Kay Altamira 

Kerala, India JAN 15