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'bout me

As a human I may be simple

As a woman:

I am far more dangerous.


Hola, I am Kay Altamira, a London based all-around fashion creative, always on the go, tapping in fashion with the neurotic power of my vintage Oyster Card. 

If you would like to know about me...

I, MexiCAN^^

Life happened, then I had to and join the work force at the age of fourteen. Still, I managed to put myself through college and obtain an education. After graduating top of my class in Advertising Design at Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, I did an internship as an Illustrator for Robles & Collins thanks to a Graphic Design contest or 'repentina' called: “Labels: Mexican Inspiration” were I obtained the 1st Place. Moreover I continued to further my studies in Buenos Aires Argentina at the Argentinian Association of Advertising (AAAP) in Art Direction where I honestly turned myself into Freudian psychotropic activities and at the verge of creative chemical madness I founded an art group initiative named 'Los Hijos' (The Sons) with whom I directed indie projects and films in various charming third world formats which later on would mature in a lovely youtube project called Colorsense - La Vida Inspira, now buried and possibly lost in the 2010 archives of the web. 

At my return to Mexico, I started to work as a Production Assistant for TV Azteca Network with Argentinean Executive Producer Julio de Rose where my unpredicted path into fashion commences via an industry friend and Costumier to the Mexican starlets, Samuel Girón, with whom I had the opportunity to share many drinks and work for his own shows and with Mexican Top Fashion Brand Pineda Covalin  at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the course of 2 years, 4 collections and several coffee runs. 

The LOVE experience^^

Furthermore and after a self-discovery yoga journey, I jump back again into fashion the fashion horse with the guidance of the prestigious London College of Style, where I graduated with Distinction. As a result, I obtained a work placement opportunity with LOVE MAGAZINE, assisting Katie Grand, Steve Morriss, Luella Bartley and Oliver Volquardsen on several projects including top fashion covers in NY with exclusive international AAA talent such as Beth Ditto, Milla Jovovich, Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, etc. And with highly recognised industry photographers such as Tim Walker, Rankin, Drew Jarrett, Mikael Jansson, etc. 

Miu Miu^^

Following the successful run of issue 20, I went to work as a bilingual coder for the AW18 Miu Miu Campaign shot by Alasdair McLellan, starting Ellen Fanning and featuring highly successful models such as Adwoa and Kesewa Aboah. I was mainly responsible of coding in english and Italiano every singola cosa shot nella campagna. It was a súper amazingly perffetissima experience at Spring Studios. 

Media opportunities^^

My PA background made me a strong and skilled assistant to established fashion talent. I had the invaluable experience to work as First Assistant to Joanna Hir on the X FACTOR Final for Little Mix and on the PWR Tour and Tour Japan, as well on Cell Broco+Tom Zanetti’s Music Video and in the latest DRAKE Music Video: NICE FOR WHAT with twin superstars Victoria and Elizabeth Lejonhjärta and in other many advertorials for Mark & Spencer. 

From dresser to Casting Director^^

In just a season before doing my own shows in the British fashion capital, I used to be just another aspiring immigrant from a minority group sharing a room in Zone 6, commuting to my retail job with a dream of fashion. However with guts (and a bit of obsessive compulsive, professionalism of course), I started to promptly gain substantial connexions within the London fashion industry when the exclusive opportunity to work side by side with Fyodor Golan+MTV AW18 Runway Show as a Head Dresser came. There I took styling notes from Fyodor himself and led a team of 20+ dressers. As well, during London Fashion Week SS18 and London Fashion Week Men’s with several Fashion Designers, such as: Astrid AndersensZeynep Kartal, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY, Huishan Zhang, etc. 

To me there are things far better than sex such as: labelling shit. Beyond any creative, drive and willingness I may possess, I am not shy to say I have an extraordinary organisational skillset and stamina that has helped me to get through challenges and countries. I was responsible for casting, styling, customising accessories, coordinating and even design the show's set on DB BERDAN LFW AW19 unapologetically genderless non-binary catwalk in collaboration with Puma Turkey. Bringing to the collection an urban punk-fetish, daring, gender-bending take where each model showcased a unique look. Thereafter the successful show, The LGTBQ brand was pointed out as one of the twelve brands to watch by Forbes, the highlights of the season by Noctis Magazine, and even made it to the Gaystar News and Metro UK in regards of male trans model, activist and artist Kenny Ethan Jones walk. The line-up had also had the presence of the incredibly talented South African rapper Dope Saint Jude and beloved Drag Dj and Performer Smiley Vyrus. Her past work with the brand was widely recognised as well during LFW SS19 as one of the favourite shows according to GUAP. I was responsible again of the styling, cast and the overall coordination the highly trendy and hyper-urban brand DB BERDAN in a stunning collaboration with Reebok. On this occasion, I was able to bring to the table a signature individual style with a dash of surrealism, just as described by The Glass Pineapple. 

I continued to work with the brand as a Stylist and Creative Director for their Strand debut on SS20 with a an epic presentation sponsored by the original Smiley brand and Jägermeister featuring killer presentations and vibes of Girli, AshnikkoJ'Adore La Vie and DJ Krystal Lakegave. Likewise, as a Casting Director, I brought incredible non-binary models and personalities like Jamie Windust. As described in FAB UK each look was styled as powerful individual stories. Models were sporting their personalities with customised underground footwear, fans and sports gear. During this season, I also worked for the peculiar  Victor Wong Eyewear SS20 off-site show, liaising sponsorships with brands Speedo and K-Swiss. The show was highly covered across all Chinese media in fashion platforms like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. 


I had as well the invaluable opportunity to travel overseas all the way to NYFW thanks again to the beloved matriarchal streetwear brand DB BERDAN AW2020 for their on-schedule runway show in a stunning collective with top Turkish designers where I had the privilege to style the show which include the celebrity participation of rapper legend Lil'Mama. 

Celebrity & Editorial^^

Moreover, I have collaborated as a Stylist and Art Director on editorials shot by recognised industry photographers like Leigh KeilyDarren BlackStella MoraisDrew ShearwoodDavid Sheldrick Doh Lee, etc., for numerous magazine commissions and editorials including: HUNGER, Schön!, FGUK, Metal, Dreamingless, Notion, HOS, FY, Disorder, etc. 

The celebrities that have gotten in my styling chambers in no particular yet fabulous order are: Dan Smith from Bastille, Singers Aurora, Au/Ra, Ashnikko, Morgan Saint, NY girl trio Emergency Tiara, the Bloom Twins, teen idol Johnny Orlando, X Factor winners RAK-SU, etc. 

Always giving you the extras^^

In other sorts, I, MexiCAN also worked as a blogger, guest writer and media photographer while studying at the London College of Style and for the subcultural artPLAY Magazine in Paris. Covering a wide range of blogposts. All links to the work available in here.

Lastly, I had the honour to serve as a V.I.P. guest across Fashion Weekend AW19 in Skopje Macedonia alongside other fashion personalities, editors and photographers from all around the world, such as Luca Condorelli (Fucking Young), Myra​ ​Postolache (33Magazine), Brenda Beaux (Ciel Model Management), etc. Full article available in here.

What moves me^^

When the occasion arises, I love to consider and explore a bespoke, gender-fluid and multicultural approach to styling.  I take inspiration from my outrageous experiences around the world and the peculiarity of my heritage. I have Lebanese, Luxembourgeoise, Spanish and proud Mexican blood running through my veins, wit and fashion choices. My wishes in style are to be found in that staggering visual context, loud and absent, silent and present, indolent and shifting, beautiful and most importantly, contradictory.

Thank you for taking the time to know me a little^^

And of course, you can always choose to follow me on the socials👇