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Crime Scene Music Video ft Lisey Tigra

the devil's within
fight scene
diva dance
the aftermath


This was my first major Art Direction project where I had to do the work of four people due to Covid restrictions. After listening to the song various times, the chorus Down to Hell was what stroke to me the most. I based the visuals on a falling angel concept with a hint of Blue Demon aesthetics paired with Rommy Schneider vibes. SETTING: We shot in two main locations, one being the Ministry of Sound, where we collaborated with Laser engineers for the dancing scene. For this I also constructed a cage using polycarbonate sheets which I lit up with channelled LED lights that were connected to my DMX Controller and programmed in both cold and warm tones. To disguise the dotting effect on the light installation I used washi tape and window film, which also reflected the lights. On the other scenes, I hired furniture and used a selection of collectables to create ambiance and for the crime scene I used a pink mirror, a LED strip, installation tape, etc. PROPS: In terms of props, I engineered with micro-LEDs and soldered electrical wire to an ‘evil eye’ which I powered with a small battery cage, I glued the cage to a hairclip so it would stay in place. I also wanted her to have real fire nails, so I created several sets for this since we were only able to shoot them for a short amount of time. COSTUME: On top of my duties, I also took care of all the wardrobe needs and created some accessories like the angel earrings featured on the last picture. PRESS SHOTS: For the Press Shoots I created a second version of the video, a ‘blue planet’ and a ‘red planet’ and inspired by Alexander McQueen I collaborated with the ‘Fuel Girls’ at the Worx Studios for all the pyrotechnics and SPX. 



From dance rehearsals to playing with electronics.