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Scene 2 - For this project I created a 3D game experience that emulated a music festival, inspired in Y2K retro futuristic aesthetic and jazz music (BETA). This the first 3D game I ever made. It was a great  and sort of addictive learning experience.  

Logotype designed from scratch in Fusion 360.

Final render in Unity.

Blockout made in Rhino using primitives.

Separate layers for easy manipulation in Unity.

Handrail made in Rhino 7 from a quick iPad sketch.

Using Blender nodes for pizzazz.

Pentagram making process in Blender using skin modifier. 

Making the music notes was quite organic with the same tool.

Character Development 

Rabbit Fam

From cube to wonder

Extruding from a cube, I shaped this character without looking any references. I simply let the angles speak to me as I went. I had to remove the particle systems to speed up the process in Unity. All colours and textures were finalised in the game engine.  


Creating something from scratch has such transformative qualities. I birthed my first body topology using subdivision surface and sculpting tools.

The design was used as a welcome character for the final game experience. All textures were finalized in Unity.