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The are no design m_stak_s on the road to improvement

Colour me mad. 

I believe the magic of colour mixing can only be experienced in real reality to be fully understood. To make my pieces extra unique, I designed my own colour palette. I made 45 colours in total and gave them especial names, such as Mermaid Green, Mellow Yellow and Posh Pink. As inspiration, I took family portraits, pictures I have taken across the years, with my phone, my film camera... and created graphics to be either colour-blocked or halftoned. I also sketched some illustrations and took them to Ai and Procreate to layer them by colour. I had to work with a tangible layout to make sure I was printing on the right side of the paper since the prints were going to be bind and compiled into a book. I also took this opportunity to play with some other surface options like paintings, fabrics, scraps, and at the end, I mixed it all up with other media. My plan in the future is to take them to an AR dimension and make the materials breathe in the digital realm.