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Overview of the final product on a sky overlay

Shot with iPhone 14 Pro

The feel of feelings

The Book of Stuff is a compilation of little treasures I have gathered across the years, a love letter to my family and my roots. I have always been fascinated about mixing the old with the new. This time around, I was able to incorporate into my skillset, screen printing and letterpress, this gave an opportunity to play, both tangibly and digitally to achieve a one-of-a-kind piece.  The feel of feelings, is about the idea of a design that starts with a sketch, a mock-up, a dummy, and ends with something that cannot be replicated. Everything comes from a tangible place. This is something I would like to do once a year to keep creative. One edition to step away from the internet and enter the world of materials. Because after all...

I am a material gal.

The Making Process

A story from 1881

It all started with paper-stencil dreams and a little bit of crazy. There were so many trials and errors, I wanted to mix Halftones and Solids, which was hard, I learnt the hard way (using block paint directly on the screen) how to separate my layers where I didn’t want the colours nor the outline to blend or overlap. For the artwork, I was able to produce 11 screen prints in various sizes, 8 letterpress poems and, 15 35mm processed and developed photographs in both colour and black and white and several collages and concrete poems. The books was upcycled from a first edition of an 1800's poetry book. It was very important to me the original energy of the piece was also a first edition from the letterpress era and it took me forever to find the right book, with the size and character I was aiming for. Moving forward and with the help of a tangible mock-up, Ai and Ps, I decided to bind the book in a French style with MIU MIU samples. Everyday was new and inspiring. I played with lots of materials and textures.


Making things from things of things, you see in your head until the design finds you.  Mixing everything with everything  until you find your symmetry, and your perfect balance. I believe design is a mistake gone good. Computer aided design is wonderful and I great source of inspiration but, sometimes real-realtime visualisation is more than an immersive experience, something you can't get hyped from a pixel, sometimes, there is no better resolution than realer than life vectors!